Entertainment Stars Almost Became Footballers

For various reasons, many stars have had to give up the dream with the ball. However, if they follow the football career, there is no guarantee that they will become famous as they are now.

Rod Stewart

The famous British rocker was born into a soccer-loving family in north London. His football career began with playing for the Middlesex boys’ school team as a center-back. Rod Stewart’s dream of becoming a professional footballer at that time was strongly supported by his father.

In the summer of 1960, Stewart was then on trial at the Brentford Club. However, this team was not very impressed with the young player from London and refused to accept him. Giving up on this dream, Rod Stewart focused on his passion for music and achieved countless successes. Many people still joke that, if this rocker was accepted by Brentford to the team, he would not have won the Grammy, named on the Hollywood Avenue of Stars and honored in the Rock & Roll Hall.

Sean Connery
Unlike Rod Stewart, actor Sean Connery has received an offer to join Manchester United from Sir Matt Busby. At the time, he was on trial at Scotland’s East Fife team.

However, Connery declined the offer to move to Manchester City. He decided to challenge Saturday’s art and become the actor who played the most successful James Bond agent in the history of this popular film series.

Luciano Pavarotti

Luciano Pavarotti was born into a poor family whose father was a baker and his mother was a worker. As a child, the Italian tenor was very passionate about football and was a key member of the Modena youth team.

After unsuccessful trials for big teams, Pavarotti was persuaded by his mother to give up the dream of becoming a goalkeeper to study pedagogy. However, after winning the first prize in an international singing competition held in Wales, he decided to focus on his music career to become a professional opera singer.

Nicky Byrne

Before becoming famous with Westlife, Nicky’s only passion was playing football. He used to be a promising goalkeeper of the famous Leeds United training center.