What are the games with Celebrities from Animated Animal Movies? (part 2)

1. Kung Fu Panda: Po’s Jumping Adventure

In this game, Po doesn’t need to fight against anyone. His mission is jumping and collecting eggs. The graphics of this game look exactly like in the movie with bamboo, ancient Chinese buildings, etc. Po will jump up on various wooden bars. And, you have to control his directions because these bars aren’t organized in the same line. Along the way, you also need to help him collect eggs because he needs them to make noodles. Use your left/ right arrow keys to control the character. You should stay focus because Po will increase his speed, and if you make him fall, you lose.

Bottom line: You should stay focus because Po will increase his speed, and if you make him fall, you lose.

2. Ratatouille: Grab the Grub

Ratatouille is an animated movie released by Walt Disney Picture in 2007. The story in this movie takes place in Paris – the City of Lights. That’s why the title of this movie is “Ratatouille”, which is a French dish. Also, it’s a play word about the protagonist – a mouse. Remy is a rat who was separated from his family. Different from other rats, he is ambitious and has a good sense of taste. And, he wants to become a chef like his idol – Auguste Gusteau. His adventure starts when he meets Alfredo Linguini, who is a garbage boy of Gusteau’s restaurant. Remy helps Linguini to tamper with the soup by pulling Linguini’s hair. Then, they become friends and together create amazing dishes.

In Grab the Grub, Remy needs to collect enough ingredients for his dishes without being caught by Chef Skinner. He has to run in a maze, so he needs your help. Use four arrow keys to control Remy. You have to collect all the ingredients in a limited time. So, it would be best if you were fast and careful because Chef Skinner is looking for you.

What are the games with Celebrities from Animated Animal Movies? (part 1)

Different from cartoons, animated movies receive a considerable amount of investment, and most of them come to the viewers at the cinema. So, these movies are accessible to both children and adults. Like the cartoon, animated movies depict a fantasy world where the magic exists. However, they have a more detailed and complicated plot. The animated animal movie is one of the most popular genres in which animals can act and talk like a human. We are all familiar with Lion King, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, etc. These characters not only appear in the advertisement but also are favorite toys of kids.

Also, they appear in various online games. With available characters, game developers can write a different story for their games or only need to modify the existed plot. It can be said that animated animal movies are an endless source of inspiration for new online games. Let’s take a look at our list of these titles to see how these familiar characters are in gaming.

1. Kung Fu Panda: Po’s Jumping Adventure

Kung Fu Panda is an American animated action-comedy movie. It was first released in 2008 and has become lots of people’s favorite. After that, various parts came out years later. This film depicts the Valley of Peace – an imaginary land in ancient China. The habitats of this land are animals. The protagonist is Po Ping – a giant panda and his team, including Tigress, Mantis, Crane, Monkey, and Viper. Po’s dream is becoming a master of Kung Fu. But, he can’t pursue his dream because he has to help his father with the noodle restaurant. However, for some reasons, he has various enemies who he needs to defeat. And, of course, this character appears in lots of online games. One of them is Po’s Jumping Adventure.

Valentine’s Day Films to Watch (part 3)

8. 50 First Dates (in 2004)

We are pretty sure that you will be hard-pressed to think of a more likable couple than Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. In 50 First Dates, the two of them are in Hawaii. After the encounter, Henry Roth (Sandler) changes from one playboy to one devoted boyfriend—the only matter is the girl experience some problem with the memory; that is why she relives a similar day over and over. The movie brings laughs, yet it’s also one sappy romance film as only Sandler is capable of doing. It’s one chick flick anyone may enjoy.

9. Slumdog Millionaire (in 2008)

One testament to just how far one man will go to get the woman he loves. The film portrays a poor man who is tortured by the police for getting suspiciously great at WWTBAM (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?). Here, Dev Patel plays a lovable character.

The compelling movie won no fewer than up to eight Oscars as well as garnering a lot of critical acclaims. Here, the mixture of violence, love, as well as socioeconomic messages, makes for one great date night screening. This film is an excellent pick to watch with those who appreciate good films as well as with whom you desire to share one intelligent conversation.

10. The Amazing Spider-Man (in 2012)

Here, Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) suffers problems all the time — the media does not like him; the police do not like him. Not all, other superheroes hate him. Also, he’s always struggling with the love life due to it. No matter how you feel about these Spider-Man series, they created the right move that drops Mary Jane for Gwen Stacy. The romance is among the most memorable in the comic book history. Enjoy watching this film!

Valentine’s Day Films to Watch (part 2)

4. Love and Basketball (in 2000)

A lot of romance movies are hard for men to watch, but Love & Basketball helps out a lot with drawing male viewers into such a “chick flick” genre owing to its underlying sports theme. Monica (Sanaa Lathan) and Quincy (Omar Epps) meet on the basketball court when being kids. Their hate/ love relationship develops since their lives continually intersect – both of them are pursuing their dreams of involving in pro ball.

Overall, if you are young, crave passion, or enjoy sports, this film is for you.

5. Cactus Flower (in 1969)

Mom of Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn, won one Oscar for the portrayal of Toni Simmons, one confused 21-year woman in one relationship with one older man (Walter Matthau). It appears like one Austin Powers film, but Hawn’s charm and wit allow you to get into it.

Here, the complicated love story has to do with the various lies one dentist tells to keep one relationship. Interestingly enough, it was appropriated in Just Go With It by Adam Sandler in 2011.

6. Lost in Translation (in 2004)

On the one hand, it is among the bleak comedies. On the other hand, Lost in Translation delivers a fantastic romance at its heart. Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) and Bob Harris (Bill Murray) do capture what it should feel like to become traveling somewhere altogether not familiar and wanting one connection. Anna Farris’ brief moments spoofing Cameron Diaz manages to add the proper amount of laughs to tide you over – it is until the moment that Bob whispers something in the ear of Charlotte, and they say goodbye.

7. When in Rome (in 2010)

Here, Bell plays Beth, one ambitious New Yorker stealing some coins from one famous love fountain during the wedding of her sister. It is a funny movie.

Valentine’s Day Films to Watch (part 1)

Valentine’s Day. Who loves it? Who hates it? Whoever you are, it is a fantastic day for cuddling up and enjoying a film about love. They indeed created a movie named Valentine’s Day, yet it was one Love, Actually rip-off. With so many films out there, it is challenging to sift out the best.

That is why we have tried and made your search a breeze! Below are some of the top picks ever made to savor on this day.

1.Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Here, the movie slowly reveals that one couple selected to have one procedure which erased memories they have with each other. Jim Carrey stars Joel and Kate Winslet stars Clementine. Since the film slowly reveals intimate and loving moments during the relationship, you will get more emotionally engaged in the story.

2. About Time (in 2013)

Domhnall Gleeson plays Tim Lake. Tim discovers one superpower as he is 21. It is that he is capable of traveling in time and changing his past events. He can attempt to do many things for making the world one better place, yet he determines to make use of his power for…getting one girlfriend. Mary is his romantic interest. Here, their relationship goes through trials and tribulations.

The movie is from Love Actually’s creators, and it is worthy of a watch for anyone searching for one great romantic comedy.

3. The Notebook (in 2004)

It is beloved by many people everywhere for many good reasons. Rachel McAdams plays Allie. Allie is warm and likable. This character is pursued by Noah (starred by Ryan Gosling) – the equally charming one. Here, their love story endures a lot of tests, yet we figure out that it works to last into their old age. McAdams and Gosling managed to show terrific performances. Watch it!

Films to Make You Want to Be Single (part 3)

15. Love Actually (in 2003)

While some people become ultimately happy ever after, others did not. Also, some found other love forms. It will be your favorite film in all senses: It will make you know about love in different ways. In the end, love is indeed all around.

16. The movie, Under the Tuscan Sun (in 2003)

This film will show you how many remarkable opportunities you can have when you stay single. Also, you will understand the struggle to move on after a breakup.

17. Uptown Girls (in 2003)

Here, though she was seen to chase after the man for most of the movie, she ended up standing on her own feet and telling him where to go.

18. The movie, Eat Pray Love (in 2010)

This film will help you through a breakup as well as making you figure out that not knowing what you wanted is OK.

19. Amélie (in 2001)

Here, she is content with her life, but not after the right person manages to come along. Some of you may be watching it right before your last breakup with your long term boyfriend as well as finding yourself envying Amélie as well as how free she is. By any chance, is your ex one of the best ones you have ever met, yet you are not happy when being with him? Amélie may remind you that you can be happy alone. You indeed do not have to be in one relationship, mainly if it does not work.

20. Legally Blonde (in 2001)

She was single, but she figures out that loving herself and being true to who she is to get acceptance is all she needs. As soon as she works to learn to love herself, she manages to get everything that she wants.

Films to Make You Want to Be Single (part 2)

8. The Color Purple (in 1985)

You will find that when Celie ultimately leaves her husband as well as getting the life that this woman has always deserved, it is enough empowerment for every single woman all around the world.

9. The Devil Wears Prada (in 2006)

It does not end with the girl getting the guy, but instead, she learned more about herself as well as accepting change. It surely leaves behind the stereotypes which most films perpetuate.

10. The Way, Way Back (in 2013)

Are you a single mother who is raising your daughter alone from when she was born? Were you in an unhealthy relationship at the time you saw the movie and did you call off your engagement shortly afterward to have enjoyed your life since? Some of you may be inspired to do so after watching this film.

11. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (in 2004)

Have you been with one person for a long time? Also, is the next thing you know that everything is over? Then, the best thing that is likely to happen to you is, the brain blocks out each of the memories that you shared with that person.

12. The Last Five Years (in 2014)

This musical shows how terrible married life can be. This fantastic movie should be one of your all-time favorites.

13. The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (in 2004)

The movie will teach you how strong women can be without a man next to them. It also showed your stress of trying to search for the perfect person as well as the struggles of relationships.

14. Hedwig and the Angry Inch (in 2001)

It will teach you that you do not need to ‘find your other half’. Change the way that you perceive yourself, instead. 

Films to Make You Want to Be Single (part 1)

Are you wondering which films indeed will make you happy to be single? Below are some of the best picks.

1. 500 Days of Summer (in 2009)

Initially, it may make you feel for Tom as well as his heartbreak. When you come back to it later, I will realize you have been Summer too. You indeed cannot force yourself to get with someone that fails to make you happy, however high a pedestal he puts you on. Also, it will make you realize the difference between infatuation and love.

2. How to Be Single (in 2016)

The film will show you how beautiful life can be if you are experiencing a breakup and you think it is the end of your life. It will show you that becoming single is a blessing in disguise, instead.

3. Gone Girl (in 2014)

Regardless of how crazy Amy was, this person will show you how to take your life into your own hands and stop counting on others to make you happy.

4. Ghostbusters (in 2016)

The women are all badass and single. All of them are incredibly intelligent in their respective fields as well as proving they do not need a significant other to become successful.

5. Blue Valentine (in 2010)

Hands down. The film is a heartbreaking (yet realistic) portrayal of the relationship unraveling.

6. My Best Friend’s Wedding (in 1997)

The movie is funny and charming. However, it is tender and raw, as well in some parts. You may especially love that it places the struggle of Jules with herself center and front, rather than the drama with others.

7. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (in 2008)

It may be the only thing that will make you laugh when you are in a breakup black hole. You will empathize with the lead.

Review Tall Girl movie – Netflix product

The film “Tall Girl” is about Jodi – a girl who is 1m86 tall always wants to blend in with the crowd, disgusted by others paying attention to her because of her height. Jodi just wants to be “a girl” and not “a tall girl”.

The movie basically has a similar pattern to other High School movies like: “THE DUFF”, “Easy A”, “Mean Girls“, … But maybe because of the moment, “Tall Girl” brought More emotions for me than ever before. There are beautiful lines that are hard to imagine, among them is when Jodi’s sister, who has been a “beauty queen” since the age of 6, told her sister, “You mean more to. me than any stupid crown “, when Jodi’s father stood in front of her room and said” I only want to say that I love you “, or the scene where Dunkleman fantasizes about the day Jodi falls in love with a guy other than him, she will want to wear high heels, and when across the block The streets to find a pair that suits him, and then, when he’s too powerless to search, Jodi will remember the shoes he gave.

Tall Girl Movie
Tall Girl Movie

In the last scene, when Jodi wore high heels, wore a high collar and suit to the night of the prom, I was a bit spicy. The film does not convey much more than the message of “loving yourself” and encourages us to escape from being shy of our own shortcomings, but sometimes they are not even blemishes. The film did very well in this submission, without any instruction or exhortation. It all comes from emotions.

The message that she constantly hears from friends and family is to wear high heels – but it’s hard to ignore the trait that defines her point of view and (she feels) distracts her. forget in society. Supporting each other in friendship and family is praised in this movie as a need to gain self-esteem. With the right heart, the film can tell teenagers who feel marginalized, isolated or even bullied need to be confident in themselves. Only when we are confident in ourselves can we receive true love from everyone around us.

10 most remarkable movies in Hollywood over the past 10 years

The Avengers (2012):

The Avengers is the film that laid the most important foundation for the emergence of a superhero group that made a big screen for nearly a decade. The movie is a great debut for the Avengers group. The film is not very excellent but it is just enough to introduce the audience to each character in the film. This movie has a turnover of more than 1.5 billion USD

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015):

Mad Max has a simple plot. so this movie has a strange appeal to the audience. The film by veteran director George Miller really excelled in how to make 3D movies but limited the use of CGI. The film is full of violence, depicting the survival of the desert slaves and warriors who can satisfy any fictional film. The action scenes of the film are shown in a rich way in the continuous sequences that make the audience choke. But this is what makes Mad Max one of the most impressive action films of the 21st century.

Her (2013):

Her is directed by Spike Jonze. This film won an Oscar for best original screenplay. It is considered one of the cinematic masterpieces that best depicts relationships in contemporary society. It is this that makes the audience see this work many times to fully understand and ponder unique artistic tactics. This is one of the most glamorous films in Hollywood over the past 10 years.

IT (2017):

The most popular Hollywood criticisms at present are the over-reliance on previous works from adaptations, sequel films, and series. However, in fact, it is the adaptive scripts of famous novels that save Hollywood life through the barren times of creativity. “IT” is a good example of successfully transforming Stephen King’s famous horror film to the big screen and creating the phenomenon of the year. This is undoubtedly one of the most impressive horror movies on the list of movies to watch every year on Halloween.

The Master (2012):

director Paul Thomas Anderson has a spectacular comeback with The Master. Although this is not the most subtle Hollywood psychological film, this is still a classic. The film focuses on the character Freddie of actor Joaquin Phoenix. The two central characters in The Master are typical for typical American personalities.