Artistic in music and popular music (part 2)

Use specificity of melodies

The basis for musicians to successfully build artistic images in their musical works is to use specific melodies. Rímskicorxacop used folk tunes of Arab and Indian to paint a vivid picture of strange and mysterious Eastern lands (Serbian Symphony Orchestra).

The characteristic of the melody which is broadly said is the folk and ethnicity of the melody, which is a favorable prerequisite for building the artistic image of musical works. World music history has recorded the names and great careers of senior musicians, whose writing path is always associated with folk music, folk dance and folk arts.

Skillful art of mixing

The art of mixing will make the artistic image in the musical work stand out with strong inspiration and persuasion. We all know the huge volume of sound and the timbre of orchestral instruments are capable of creating rich, varied effects. And the greatest thing of the art of orchestration to the construction of an art form in musical works is to simultaneously speak up the great, profound and synthesized content.

Build authenticity in works

The basic characteristic of the art of music is to give listeners a common sense about the atmosphere and context of reality.

However, not so that the art of music leaves its function of reflection on reality. Even music without lyrics, listeners can also feel the content of the work.

Le Nin when listening to the No.23 – Apasionata of musician Beethoven had to say that he was always proud of being able to be naive thinking that people can do miracles. Because in this work, Beethoven has reflected the portrait of the hero of the time and the atmosphere of the boiling struggle of the European population in the late period of 18th century to the first half of the 19th century.

Artistic in music and popular music (part 1)

Composing a musical piece is difficult, but making it both appealing to the audience and ensuring the art is even more difficult. Because of that, nowadays, not every music product is born is considered authentic works of art in which something called ‘popular music’ appears.

Popular music and artistry

Popular music is an emerging name in the music industry. And a sad fact is that music experts say that in the music market today popular music is dominant. So what is popular music?

Popular music is a type of music that is less artistic, born merely to satisfy the taste of the music player at a certain point and then immediately forgotten as if it never appeared. Market music does not require a high level of listeners, everyone can hear and memorize, the lyrics just turn around boring love content. This music line is not picky with singers, market songs are relatively easy to sing, even so-called singers do not need a relatively complete knowledge of music. Market song composers do not need to wait for ideas but just compose quickly according to their tastes.

Artistic or bullshit in popular music

Popular music tends to dominate music life. The person who knows the tastes of the audience is that he wins. Music activities gradually turned into a place to compete for opportunities, a place to win market share and sometimes a war for the influence of young singers. They are the stars that are fully supported by a powerful fan base.

Music market develops strongly because it meets the taste of listening to music of most young people, not because of the art in the works.

Build authentic art in music

In literature, art image is built by vivid and typical intuition, in music, art image is built by vivid and abstract senses. Therefore, the musician must grasp the expressive characteristics of music. In which, the musician’s imagination must be really rich, along with the relative comparison between the objective reality and the image that the musician wants to create in his musical works.

The Best Music You Should Listen to While Gaming

Below you have highlighted some types of music that gamers may love to listen to while gaming.

It’s common to listen to music while multitasking – for example, while studying, using public transport, eating, and taking a bath. Gamers also often listen to music while gaming. Still, many of them don’t know what type of music they should enjoy during their gaming sessions. There are, indeed, certain kinds of music you should listen to when you play games.

1. Hype music – Hype songs will help charge up your energy.

Have you been waiting for a long time to play your favorite gaming session? The best way to get you started with it is enjoy hype music – for example, rock music and electronic dance music. The songs will help you energize yourself, warm up your mood, kill the dull aura around you, make your body move to the music, and keep you awake.

2. In-game sounds

Many people prefer listening to in-game sounds while playing. They are necessary sounds and background sound effects synchronized with the game. Whether they’re gunshots, people talking in different accents, footsteps crowd cheer, these sounds set the mood, create authenticity, provide clues to surroundings, and enhance entertainment value.

3. Positive music – Listen to positive music when your motivation is lost.

It’s normal to be engaged in a game from the start and lose motivation along the way. Try listening to some motivational songs. They will lift your mood, make you feel courageous, inspire you to take actions, and help you simplify the things considered to be tough. They will motivate you to reach your utmost best while still having fun. Some songs of this type that may get you pumped are “Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor, “The Final Countdown” – Europe, “Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)” – Omi, “Don’t Stop Believin’” – Journey, and “Wake Me Up When September Ends” – Green Day. 

Elton John said Michael Jackson was mentally ill

Elton John‘s ME was published in the US on October 15, but some of the content was revealed first. In the book, the singer recounts the last encounters with Michael Jackson, before the “king of pop” died of drug shock in 2009. “I knew MJ when he was 13, 14 years old – when he was a child In the last years of his life, Michael isolates himself from the world, only God knows what kind of medicine he thinks of and what drugs he uses. I write these lines with sympathy. Michael is clearly mentally ill and makes people around annoying, “Elton John said.

According to Elton, Michael did not receive help from colleagues and friends. “He just wants to hear the words going on,” he wrote. The singer also said that Michael Jackson avoided interacting with friends, preferring to play with children in the last years. At a party at his home, Elton saw Michael go out to play video games with his maid’s son. Michael looks skinny and emaciated. The male singer did not touch the food served at the party.

The NY Times says the autobiography ME reveals many of Elton John’s life stories such as getting married, adoption, and relationships with famous artists like Freddie Mercury and John Lennon … “I wrote the book, so that when I die, the children can read and learn the truth about their fathers, “Elton said.

Elton John, 72, is an English singer and songwriter. He started his career in 1962 and has sold over 300 million albums. He has won the Grammy five times and one time Oscar. The singer currently lives with his partner David Furnish and two adopted children. In May, the biopic about Elton John – Rocketman – was released and revealed many hidden corners of sex addiction and drugs of the singer.


Taylor Swift out MV supports the LGBT community

The music video brings together gay artists and Katy Perry, who had a conflict with Swift.

On the evening of June 17, on Youtube, Taylor Swift released her second single on the new album, You Need to Calm Down. The audio version of the song was released on June 13. Followed the MV opening album – ME! – Personal honor, encouraging people to be proud of themselves, You Need to Calm Down is the singer’s appeal for gender equality and human rights.

You Need to Calm Down is staged with vibrant, meaningful tones of the rainbow symbol – the symbol of the Pride Month – Pride Month (June every year chosen to honor the equal struggle effort of the right). LGBT community – gay, bisexual, transgender people. In the MV, Taylor owns a fun tea party with gay friends. A crowd of protesters raised high signs of gay marriage protests, criticizing homosexuality as a sin. However, Taylor and his friends still enjoy the fun.

Many of Taylor’s famous friends and homosexuals appeared in the MV including Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Lambert, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Justin Mikita, Tatianna, Delta Work, Riley Knoxx, etc. They played Taylor, Ariana Grande, Adele, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Beyoncé in a competition. Taylor implied that the girls were always victims of social comparison, the online community said they had to fight for the crown. But when the moment when the crown was released, no one cared, they all left and enjoyed the happy life.

Taylor mentioned GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) – a famous community organization that supports gay people. At the end of the MV, she urged everyone to join a petition to support equal rights for homosexuals: “Show our pride by requiring justice to all citizens”.

Taylor also criticized the “keyboard heroes” on social networks. In Beast 1 magazine, the singer said that he has spent some time observing people who are always immersed in the negative, obsessed by other people’s comments. They need a dose of medicine to feel comfortable and stop stressing themselves. Since then the singer thought of the name for the song – You Need to Calm Down.

Top 4 most famous singers in the world nowadays

Top 4 most famous singers in the world nowadays

The list of four singers below have continuously “stormed” the world charts with their hit songs in the past years

Justin Bieber

Although having countless scandals, Justin Bieber is undeniably a successful pop star and Hollywood composer. With a sweet voice, Justin Bieber becomes one of the most famous singers in the world. Justin Bieber’s songs from Baby to Sorry, Love Yourself, etc. have become big hits that were enthusiastically loved by the audience.

Bruno Mars

Known for his extraordinary voice, Bruno Mars is a versatile guy who can compose and play many different types of instruments and make a big impression on other people with lots of songs hit song.

Top 4 most famous singers in the world nowadays

Referring to Bruno Mars, it is impossible not to mention his two biggest hits “When I was your man” and “Just the way you are”. The success of these two songs helped his popularity grow, from then on. The road for many other songs quickly dominated the prestigious music charts, typically Up Town Funk.


Not surprisingly, Rihanna is one of the most famous singers in the world at the moment. Whenever the singer releases her songs, they will be the default “lying” on the top of prestigious charts in many countries for such a long time.

Katy Perry

Owning songs that make viewers replay dozens of times, American talented singer Katy Perry deserves to be among the most famous singers in the world at the moment. Growing up and growing up in a passionate musical family, the female singer of The One That Got Away from Young-soon revealed her singing ability. Along with owning addictive songs like California Girls, Teenage Dream, Part of me, ET, etc. this beautiful female singer is always the name of the great programs that are well sought and conquered the hearts of millions of viewers.

US-UK music industry 2019 bustling with the return of the queens

US-UK music industry 2019 bustling with the return of the queens

The return of great female artists in the world will surely bring 2019 a grand musical party.

The world artists of class A have simultaneously worked on big projects. Let’s check out how they are doing!


It is three years since Rihanna released her “Anti” album in 2016. He has temporarily put aside her music career to focus on acting (participating in “Valerian and the City Of A Thousand Planets” and “Ocean 8 ”). The singer also focused on the promotion of her own cosmetic brand named Fenty Beauty and the lingerie firm Savage X Fenty.

Because of this long absence, the female artiste’s comeback inspires fans’ curiosity. Rihanna’s producer, Kuk Harrell, has revealed that the new album is going to be “amazing”.

Selena Gomez

After a year since leaving an impression when making the soundtrack for the school film “13 Reason Why”, with the rumors surrounding hospitalization after a mental shock, “Instagram Queen” has now recovered and is ready to go back to her musical path.

US-UK music industry 2019 bustling with the return of the queens

Lady Gaga

While the movie “The Star is Born” is a success at the world’s second-largest film awards, Lady Gaga has prepared to return to the music industry in the year with a new solo album.

It is not yet known in the album Lady Gaga that she will treat Little Monster (Lady Gaga’s fans) and the public with what kind of music. But with her talent, the new album will definitely be is on the list of “impossible to hear” of 2019.

In particular, according to confirmed information, Lady Gaga and male singer “Titanic” Celine Dion will collaborate in a music product. The main producer for this song is Diane Warren – one of the most famous hit creators in history. Fans hope the “handshake” between the two will be on the track of Gaga’s latest album.

Katy Perry was proposed on Valentine's Day

Katy Perry was proposed on Valentine’s Day

On February 15th, Mary Hudson – Katy Perry’s mother publicly posted photos of Orlando Bloom proposing to his girlfriend, Katy, on Valentine’s Day. The singer quickly confirms the information with an Instagram post. Katy Perry and her boyfriend are officially engaged after years of dating.

Such good news

In her latest essay, Mary Hudson couldn’t help being excited and happy when her daughter officially accepted the proposal of the British actor: “See who has been proposed on Valentine’s Day!”. Right after her mother’s post, Katy Perry also posted a photo with actor Orlando Bloom and showed off her engagement ring. As soon as the singer confirmed the good news, many fans sent countless blessings to the idols and hoped the couple would soon get married.

The singer just showed off her “big” engagement ring on her personal page. Currently, the couple has not yet revealed the wedding plan.

The singer’s change

A few days ago, when interviewing in a magazine, Katy Perry first revealed about her private life alongside the Lord of the Rings movie. In addition, the singer confirmed that she herself was completely different from the 20-year-old Katy Perry. The star claims she loves her thirties because she is no longer naive or afraid of things out of reach. The singer has been mature, independent and learnt a lot from her boyfriend.

Katy Perry was proposed on Valentine's Day

Before the engagement

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom first publicly dated in early 2016. However, the relationship of this famous pair only lasted until March 2017. After being apart, they were still good friends and kept in touch. For a while, until the end of the month of February 2018, people saw both hand in hand traveling in Prague (Czech Republic). Since reuniting, the couples have been frequently rumored to be engaged, but they all chose to remain silent.