Artistic in music and popular music (part 2)

Use specificity of melodies

The basis for musicians to successfully build artistic images in their musical works is to use specific melodies. Rímskicorxacop used folk tunes of Arab and Indian to paint a vivid picture of strange and mysterious Eastern lands (Serbian Symphony Orchestra).

The characteristic of the melody which is broadly said is the folk and ethnicity of the melody, which is a favorable prerequisite for building the artistic image of musical works. World music history has recorded the names and great careers of senior musicians, whose writing path is always associated with folk music, folk dance and folk arts.

Skillful art of mixing

The art of mixing will make the artistic image in the musical work stand out with strong inspiration and persuasion. We all know the huge volume of sound and the timbre of orchestral instruments are capable of creating rich, varied effects. And the greatest thing of the art of orchestration to the construction of an art form in musical works is to simultaneously speak up the great, profound and synthesized content.

Build authenticity in works

The basic characteristic of the art of music is to give listeners a common sense about the atmosphere and context of reality.

However, not so that the art of music leaves its function of reflection on reality. Even music without lyrics, listeners can also feel the content of the work.

Le Nin when listening to the No.23 – Apasionata of musician Beethoven had to say that he was always proud of being able to be naive thinking that people can do miracles. Because in this work, Beethoven has reflected the portrait of the hero of the time and the atmosphere of the boiling struggle of the European population in the late period of 18th century to the first half of the 19th century.