Artistic in music and popular music (part 1)

Composing a musical piece is difficult, but making it both appealing to the audience and ensuring the art is even more difficult. Because of that, nowadays, not every music product is born is considered authentic works of art in which something called ‘popular music’ appears.

Popular music and artistry

Popular music is an emerging name in the music industry. And a sad fact is that music experts say that in the music market today popular music is dominant. So what is popular music?

Popular music is a type of music that is less artistic, born merely to satisfy the taste of the music player at a certain point and then immediately forgotten as if it never appeared. Market music does not require a high level of listeners, everyone can hear and memorize, the lyrics just turn around boring love content. This music line is not picky with singers, market songs are relatively easy to sing, even so-called singers do not need a relatively complete knowledge of music. Market song composers do not need to wait for ideas but just compose quickly according to their tastes.

Artistic or bullshit in popular music

Popular music tends to dominate music life. The person who knows the tastes of the audience is that he wins. Music activities gradually turned into a place to compete for opportunities, a place to win market share and sometimes a war for the influence of young singers. They are the stars that are fully supported by a powerful fan base.

Music market develops strongly because it meets the taste of listening to music of most young people, not because of the art in the works.

Build authentic art in music

In literature, art image is built by vivid and typical intuition, in music, art image is built by vivid and abstract senses. Therefore, the musician must grasp the expressive characteristics of music. In which, the musician’s imagination must be really rich, along with the relative comparison between the objective reality and the image that the musician wants to create in his musical works.